A year older and a little wiser...

After ages I am updating my blog from my home computer. Since the last three days I have been at the Karnik household, recovering. 

I over dosed on cocaine and have been under house arrest.

Just kidding. 

JUST KIDDING (Specially writing it in capitals so that it is clear that the above statement is a JOKE) And I guess I ruined the joke by justifying the joke. And now I am overthinking the joke.

I have been recovering from a bad throat infection and cold. I fell so sick on my birthday that I was literally lying in bed all day. Forget celebrating, I had to even cancel my Bangalore trip. Not such a memorable birthday for me. The only saving grace was K getting me 18 coconut donuts. So I was eating those along with antibiotics and been getting high on Benadryl. 

To be very honest, I am not a believer of the "evil eye". I have never been a superstitious person and believe that what is yours will come to you. Look at Ambani. He must have so many "evil eyes" on him and yet he is happy, bathing in so much money. But I have noticed that whenever I announce something that I am excited about, that plan just does not happen. Something or the other comes in the way. Or probably you do get it, but it just becomes very difficult. Tiny issues start cropping up.  

Or maybe I am over thinking. I guess I just wasn't meant to go to Bangalore and was suppose to spend all this time relaxing and chilling with the family. So maybe every dark cloud does have a silver lining and sometimes a rainbow too. And at the end of the rainbow you see a great shop that has lovely shoes and bags. So you decide to screw antibiotics and instead take another medicine called "shopping".

Ta-Da! Two sandals and two bags later, I am a happier person with a slight cough. 

I just realised that I have become a year older and definitely wiser. (Yep, I believe in self-praise)

Here is what I learnt on my 28th Birthday.

  •  Only your husband and family will truly be there for you, always. (And your maids)
  • K is my best friend, best husband and best ever partner. Been happy with that lunatic since four years. (Touch wood)
  •  Some people are emotional leeches in your life and sadly they are not going anywhere.
  •  You have to learn to let go and see the bigger picture.
  •  Be kind and do not get into stupid confrontations because karma always sorts everything out.
  • Every year you will have a thicker waistline, so exercise!
  • Life is too short to diet. So I shall keep hogging. (And then go running)
  • Travel is life. And I am off for another adventure. 
  • Social media has taken over the experience of living the moment. So I first enjoy, live the moment and then share it with the world.
  • Started to believe in the "evil eye", so I will henceforth announce stuff about my life only when it has happened. 
  • I hate the fact that I am "nearly 30". Why God Why!
  • Be grateful. Something I have been learning to do since the last two months. This is the magic mantra to be happy in life. We complain so much and waste the gift of life along the way. 

That's all for now. Time for another cup of ginger tea.



  1. Happy belated birthday. The word 'cocaine' I hope is a code name for sweets or greasy food. How you feeling now?

    1. Thanks Nikita. I am all good now...traveling currently. 😊

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