Prancing away in Sri Lanka.....

K and I want our next two years to just go in travelling. So we have decided to go venture out and see as much as we can, no matter what the circumstance is or however the weather may be. Thus we decided to pack our bags and prance away to Sri Lanka in the mad heat of April. We do not mind any climatic condition as long as our hotels are good and we have a luxurious, comfortable trip planned. Both of us are not "back-packing" material and prefer to keep our comforts in mind whenever we travel. 

Sri Lanka, however small it looks on the map, is actually pretty big. There is a lot to explore and even seven days are not enough to cover everything. I think to see Sri Lanka completely, you need at least a month. Thus in our seven days we managed to check out four cities. We went around exploring Negombo, Sigiriya, Kandy and Colombo.

All cities had their own beauty but I truly fell in love with Negombo, Colombo and probably developed a crush on Kandy. 

Negombo is a quaint town/city like place which is close to the airport. So a lot of tourists go there and relax for a day before heading out to explore the main cities of Sri Lanka. We stayed at Heritance Negombo which was mindbogglingly a beautiful property. A lovely hotel, a main town outside, a beach on the other side. We truly enjoyed two peaceful days there.
This was a pool area of our hotel. 

Lovely restaurants and lanes around our hotel.

Our favourite was the Sun Set bar we went to. Had the best time watching the setting sun with some local drinks.

Our evenings went in just walking around the town.

Sri-Lankan speciality called Hopper (I think). It's exactly like Dosa but with a thick centre.

And some more sun sets by the beach.

After having two beautiful days, we moved on to Sigiriya. On route we stopped by the Dambulla temple. 

The temple had the biggest Buddha statue in the world. (Dharma position) And the temple inside had nearly 123 Buddha statues. 

To go up to the temple, we had a huge climb. The problem was that we went there on a very hot afternoon and post a very heavy meal. I was dead climbing up there. That moment I also realised that I am so not a "trek person" either. Just before we climbed up, K and I had stuffed ourselves with pizzas, sandwiches and french fries. A very unhealthy diet right before a trek.
What we learnt - If you have to climb something, do it before 10 am. Have a healthy meal. Do NOT wear jeans. 
We did exactly opposite of the above because we had no idea that there's a climb to get to the temple.

The view made up for all our problems!

Once we reached Sigiriya, we jumped with joy seeing our hotel. It was lovely. And the room had the biggest wooden bath-tub, which was just what our aching legs needed. A hot bath. 
Our hotel with it's infinity pool

I always read and chill while K swims. I am scared of water so I never enter the pool

Sigiriya doesn't have much to do actually. The only thing there is the Sigiriya rock to climb, which is over 2000 steps. No ways were we going to do that. Our legs were in no state to move. So we just drove around the city, went to a weird museum and relaxed in the hotel for two days. I didn't like Sigiriya too much, as it was very hot and dry. We were then glad to leave for Kandy. 

We rented a car for those seven days and were continuously driving around the four cities. It was the best decision on our part. Sri Lanka roads are spectacular, clean and huge. We truly enjoyed driving around plus it is extremely convenient as the "tuk-tuks" will rip you off. So avoid those there and instead drive around.

Kandy was lovely. Very crowded actually, but clean and pleasant. Finally we weren't burning up. 
It was serene. Loved the view from our hotel.

We then drove around and went to the Pinnawala orphanage to see elephants. 

K and I love animals and we do not really agree to the concept of zoos. But this is the only thing to do around Kandy so we went for it. It was a different experience and surely worth going once.

We then drove down to Colombo for two days, which was the conclusion of our trip. Though our hotel was fabulous and the city was brilliant, sadly everything was shut. The Sri Lankan new year was going on and we thought people will probably party just like how we do in Mumbai. But no. Everything is shut on new years. No cars and barely any people on the road. I have never seen such an empty city. Huge buildings and roads but no people around. We wanted to pub hop but everything was shut. So we ended up driving, seeing the buildings and beaches. That's it I guess. Not much to do there. But by God's grace we found an awesome Indian restaurant! K and I were kind off starved. Since we are vegetarians we faced issues on the food front. We were mostly living on pizzas and pastas which were not even good there. We both are not experimenters of food plus Sri Lanka is more suitable for a non-veg palate. Food was a teething problem for us but the greenery and each other's company still made it a lovely trip.
Hotel Cinnamon Grand. 

Bird's eye.

All over Sri Lanka you will keep bumping into numerous Buddha temples.

Colombo-Galle sea side promenade. With the road, rails and the sea.

Over all Sri Lanka is a chilled country. You go there to experience serenity, greenery and peace. It's like a mix of Goa, Kerela and Pondicherry. I did enjoy, though I prefer having activity based trips. K and I are hectic travelers and we just love jumping around. This trip was overly chilled for us but nevertheless it's a beautiful place to visit at least once in your life. 

So a big thank you to my wonderful K for planning this trip for me. And can't wait to head out for our next trip soon!


Just a few points. If you go to Sri Lanka, do visit Negombo and Colombo. You can miss out on Sigiriya.
 Kandy is optional. Do explore the south side which I have heard is good, like Galle. The rates to visit tourist sites for foreigners is massively high. So check the prices and avail for the "SAARC" discount. Rent a car/bike! If you are a vegetarian, do carry some snacks with you. Best time to go is winter. They have crazy monsoons so do not go there during the monsoon season. 
Try their local drinks!


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