It wasn't just a periwinkle...

So when I was a kid, I loved art. From the stories that my parents have shared, it seemed that I was  pretty decent at it. As time went by, school kind off killed my interest in art. In our times, art was never considered very serious. The lessons were mundane, the teachers were not very encouraging and worst of all was that we were taught how to draw everything. When you are taught to draw things like sun, trees, flowers, etc in a typical way as a child, it kills your creativity to use your own expression and creating a different kind of art. 

And I still see the shadows of the typical art taught in my own artworks sometimes. 

When I was in 9th grade, I chose Art as my main Board subject. Our first assignment was to observe a Periwinkle flower and then draw it at home. I drew a simple flower as per my observation. When I showed it to her she said, "What nonsense is this, I am not going to accept such childish work." She then threw my drawing. That was the first blow.

I then ma…

Prancing around in Bhutan and Nepal....

Hello people!

Good morning...

Have not been able to blog for so many days since I was traveling! I am back to reality now after a wonderful holiday exploring Bhutan and Nepal. Bhutan was beautiful. It was lush green with forests and mountains. Untouched and pure. Do visit Bhutan once in your life, especially before it gets commercial. We were there for a good seven to eight days and never have we had a chilled/relaxed holiday. So basically Bhutan is for trekking, relaxing, seeing the mountains and exploring different cafes. K and I have always planned such hectic trips where we are mostly running around. But this time it was relaxed. 
The cities we saw in Bhutan were Thimphu and Paro. We were going to see Punakha too but since it's all car travel on curvy roads, it aggravated my motion sickness. So we canceled going to Punakha as it's a good three and half hours away from Thimpu where we were staying. 

We saw lovely Dzongs, trekked up to Tiger's nest, explored the cute Paro to…

Of wine and some freaking out....

I am freaking out.
I am freaking out.
I am freaking out.

A lot.

Will share soon as to why I am freaking out. So till then all I can say is that...

I am freaking out.

Anyway, I shall stay freaked out for a while and talk about something else now. 

Recently I was very inspired, K gifted me a table tripod which is perfect for documenting my art and I shot two new timelapse videos of me doodling. I am putting across the links below for you guys to watch it. (Click below)

Timelapse 1
Timelapse 2

Apart from timelapses, art, food and freaking out, I have been busy with home, life and mini trips. Last weekend we went to Sula and it was an absolute bliss. Wine, peace and greenery. We stayed at this hotel called The Source by Sula and it was wonderful. It's just six months old so its beautiful, the rooms are cozy and cute, the best part is that it is private. With just 23 rooms it's not too crowded with people and the people visiting Sula in general cannot come there. So more than sitting in Sula…