Of art, life, dexter and dog pee....

My days by God's grace have been going pretty good. I am finding positive things all around me, I am practising gratitude diligently but most of all, I have been madly inspired. I have been seeing art, creating art, thinking about art, planning art and what not. 

Even right now I am sipping green tea and conducting one on one workshop whilst blogging. So yes, been in an extremely good state of mind. Touch wood.

It's been good happy days 44,45 and 46. 

I recently created an Islamic art and managed to do a Christmas doodle which I will show you soon.

Latest islamic art with some islamic motifs. 

Happily following this mantra. This gratitude exercise has truly helped me. I am not saying that I don't feel low or that I don't crib. Sometimes no matter what, the chaos of life gets to you. But there has been a massive change in my outlook and I have been way happier than I used to be since I started this challenge.

Tea and khari with Dexter. Simple pleasures of life.

Peaceful moment…

Life that goes on while I eat noodles..

11. 12. 13.
After a nice relaxed stay with my parents, I am now back to my second home. 
Just few days of December left and I can't wait for this year to end. Half month to go and I have already decided to jam pack my days with activities and do as much as I can before the year ends. I am excited to create my new art piece, get back to my commissions and I will also be taking part in two workshops next week! Time to learn a new and much needed skill. It's always good to learn. 
I will share about the workshops later on, once I complete it. 
Things I am grateful for... K being home with me today. Having Maggi and reading Harry Potter. Spotting two parrots on the window. Sadly I could only see their butts.  Started work on a new Islamic art. Hope I can finish it by the weekend. A happy long stay at the Karnik household. Losing 0.2 kgs which is actually nothing but still. (Small weird joys) A nice purple sky. Can never get enough of them. My nice long walk today. Bought new glares, can't …


Hey Peeps!
How are you all? I have been pretty good. It's been a good four days. Happy days 7, 8, 9 and 10. Days of huge family meetings, great workshops and then being in my favorite place in the whole world. My home. My Karnik household. 
I have taken a mini break and come home for a couple of days.  I conducted my Ink Doodle workshop yesterday after a gap of eight months. I had taken a break because suddenly I had anxiety and panic attacks about facing a crowd and conducting. Finally I got over the fear and started conducting them again. By God's grace it went superbly well. I guess now I can safely say that I am over my anxiety and can definitely conduct them regularly now. 
So overall I am an extremely happy person and very very very grateful to God. I have been lazing around all day, waking up when I want, eating as I please. The Father has stocked the fridge with Twix, Bounty and loads of Snickers. It's funny that no matter how old you are, you are still a child to your …

Ponk, Paunkh, Pokh or just some green balls...

Happy day 36.

I am thankful for a lot of things today. 
Had a great long walk along with long conversations and good music.
Watched this movie called The Big Sick in the afternoon which was pretty decent.
Now will create some art..
And something awesome happened too which I will share later on..
My workshop seats are half full and I hope I get more people in few days.

So this is some of the stuff that has made me very happy today. Another odd thing that has been making me happy is Ponk! or "paunkh", have no idea how to spell it. Now this is actually a "gujju" dish from Surat. Initially I would wonder why people are so crazy about it. People specially go to Surat to eat it, there are special festivals where ponk is served and various items are made out of it. Ponk is actually Jowar which is not fully grown. It is eaten with a special sev and chutney. I had had it a year ago and not liked it so much but suddenly few days back we got it home and I developed a taste for it. N…

Life Changes while I eat some Ghevar...

Woah. It's been hectic few days of anniversaries and weddings. So here's one big post for "Five happy days.."

December 1 - December 5. Happy days 31 - 35.
Busy days with two weddings, one anniversary and something or the other taking up all my time. So before, weddings used to stress me out. I hated getting ready, meeting people and absolutely hated wedding food. I used to find the rituals tedious and boring. The antisocial in me did not feel like talking to people so I would just power through these events and wait to come back home. Now suddenly in the last one or two years, I have changed. In fact, marriage has changed me. I don't mind dressing up anymore, I don't mind meeting my big gujju family and I absolutely don't mind the food. The food in weddings, especially "gujju" weddings is awesome. They sure know the best caterers and have a crazy spread of more than fifty to hundred items easily. Though I don't hog in weddings, unlike some peo…

Bitter sweet November and some Lemon biscuits..

Happy day 30!

I have managed to successfully write about my happy stuff and gratitude for the last 30 days! Not bad right? 70 more to go!

What am I happy about today?
That the full of November I blogged. 

Went out to a nice restaurant for lunch. It was a lovely lunch, really nice conversations, awesome place and really great service. Do visit Kode in Kamla mills. 

This was my favourite part of the meal. Complimentary sweets post the lunch. There were three kinds, chocolate truffle, coconut truffles and lemon biscuits. Yum. 

I have some addiction for coconuts.
That's all for now. K come home soon! Bye November! You have been bitter in bits but you ended sweetly with lemon biscuits. 

Of Shanti, Chapati and a random list...

4:25 pm: A nice cup of tea with some khari  along with an episode of This is us and now I am good to go. It's been a good day of home stuff running smoothly (finally) and me creating some warm up doodles before starting my commissions. 

On my way to Delhi few weeks ago, at the airport there was this old man who was having a conversation with someone. I happened to hear a few words he said, "Life mein shaanti hai, garam garam chapati hai."

I controlled my laughter somehow and rushed to tell K. It's funny how people find happiness in their own ways and then come up with funny lines to show how happy they are. 

The last month of this year is arriving and it's been one quick year. Time just rolled by. And I know December will also run super fast, before you know it I will be writing a New Year post about my upcoming resolutions which I will fail to actually do, as that happens to everyone's resolutions. They never work. But here is a list of stuff I intend to do thi…