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Has it ever happened to you?

Has it ever happened to you?

A nice afternoon. Green tea, chakli (roasted, mind you) and chocolates. A pretty blue book by the name "Bijnis Woman", revolving around short stories and folklore from Uttar Pradesh. 

Awesome book, odd stories, totally enjoying it. Though halfway through one story as I kept reading away, I realised suddenly that I must have zonked out. So I must be thinking about something and the same time subconsciously I kept reading. Then when I came back to my senses I realised I have gone ahead a couple of pages and I have no idea what this story is about. So I had to re read the pages again. This happened to me twice today. Guess I was that engrossed in the tangles of my own head.

Has it ever happened to you? 

So I thought why not dedicate this post to a series of my unfortunate "Has it ever happened to you?" moments. 

Once I offered to help out on an unpleasant task that I had no interest doing. Sometimes you just want to "show" that you ar…
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The Bride, the beach and 201..

Hello October.

A special month because my best friend R got married!! R always feels that I never mention her on my blog. She feels that way since she does NOT read it word to word, hence she does NOT know that I always mention her somewhere or the other. Anyway this post is specially dedicated to her and to tell her how much she means to me and show her that "LOOK, YOU HAVE BEEN MENTIONED IN MY BLOG!".

Riti ( I call her R in my blog) and I have been best friends for over seven years. Our friendship has literally seen and survived everything. Like, everything. We have stood by each other, watched each other fall, stand tall, rise, break, cry, dance, love, hurt and grow. And we have really grown a lot in seven years. Here we are today, both of us married women, sailing in our own boats, yet anchored together. 

I wish my wonderful best friend heartiest congratulations and all the love, luck, happiness, health, wealth and fortune! Her wedding was a three day crazy extravaganza of …

Of beautiful views and erotic stories....

4 pm - Sitting at the Karnik household, choking to death. Thanks to the Father. His classes are going great, but it takes a toll on our throats and lungs since he keeps spraying his students art works with different sprays and fixatives. Ideally he should be wearing a mask and giving his sweet little daughter a mask too but I guess Mumbai pollution is a bigger issue to my lungs so what harm can a little fixative spray cause. 

5:15 pm - Some tea, some snacks, some Marie biscuits and some peace. I am so blissful right now, it's like I have all the time. Time doesn't race here. I can relax, read, talk and just be. Currently I am reading this book, recommended by Twinkle Khanna. And when she says to read something, I read it. And it is amazing!! I am just few pages in and I am absolutely loving it. I somehow kept it down to blog, can't wait to get back to it. Lot of people found the title odd. And I agree and understand if people judge. But like they say, "never judge a bo…

Of flaws, judgements and khari biscuits...

I love attending lectures conducted by Gaur Gopal Prabhu. He is a wonderful speaker and I feel that lot of my perspectives clear up after listening to him. All his talks are published on Youtube, so if interested, you guys should listen to him. He has changed my thinking and beliefs in many ways. 

We are programmed in very odd ways. Look at us. We always yearn for what is not. We never see what we have, we always focus on what we don't. We want and want and want and want something or the other all the time. And if we can't have it, we are annoyed, moody, angry, depressed, upset, sad, disappointed, worried, stressed, anxious, hurt and I can keep coming up with more and more emotions. Because I have plenty of emotions and I know all possible emotions. 
Now look at me. On the periphery I have everything I ever wanted. K, a good family, good friends, travel, work, art and all that I ever wanted or had planned to have by this age, I have. But what is my sole issue. I don't have a…

Thriving in's a beautiful Saturday

A peaceful Saturday. Empty house. Rains. Green tea.

In such conditions, your mind is at it's very best. So my mind, actually my heart, decided to purchase some books today. I love reading, like most people. And I love, absolutely love purchasing books. My dream is to have a big library and a beautiful reading corner with a comfortable squishy chair, lovely lights and dogs for company while K serenades us with his guitar. 

If you ever want to gift me something, you have three good options. Books, stationary and those mix and match earrings from Accesorize. (I love wearing different ear studs in my ears) K always wonders why I like that. He just thinks I am crack to have a flamingo in one ear and a pineapple in the other. This habit I picked up from my best friend R. She loves wearing odd accessories which then rubbed off on me. 

So anyways, moving on from odd accessories and coming back to my very productive mind and heart. I decided to buy books and purchased six books right now. Fou…

Cause life is not always a patchy purple....

The obsession people have when it comes to food, housework and kitchen is beyond me. There are so many things to do in life  (career, reading, watching plays, learning a skill, travel, being social, etc), it is shocking when I see people fixated on the most idiotic and mundane aspects of life, all the bloody time. Sadly I cannot help such people and nor do I want to. I just have to find a way to float my boat by staying away as much as I can from such people.

Trying not to fall asleep, I shall make a steaming MUG of tea for myself very soon. Not a "cup", I need a mug today. Nothing has happened actually. It's just I am on some medication for my measles, which makes me very drowsy. I want to sleep yet I am trying not to sleep. Or maybe I may just sleep for half hour. Or maybe not. 
Damn, I am rambling. 
I guess I will nap after I update my blog, then will have tea and get to work. 

I was cribbing about the latest art work that I was making, turns out that it was not that bad …