Mosaic of moments....

Happy day 20. 

At peace. Just me. Getting the house to myself is like the best gift anyone can give me. Time to myself, tea and music. This is what I am grateful for today. I think I will just draw and keep listening to my current favourite song. 

I have been listening on loop to Rafu from Tumhari Sulu and I love it. Plus it's awesome because I know the singer and have had the pleasure of meeting her. (Ronkini Gupta). I love this song not just for its soulful music and voice but the amazing lyrics. 

Some of my favourite lines from the song...

"Haan kaise kaise dhaagon se buni hai ye duniya
Kabhi dhoop kabhi baadalon ki ye ladiyaan
Kuchh tune si hai maine ki hai rafu
Ye doriyaan....."

"Ab jo bhi hai ye aadha pauna hai toh rangraliyaan
Kuchh tune si hai maine ki hai rafu
Ye doriyaan........"

Do hear this song, it's beautiful. So yes, grateful to hear such lovely music on such a peaceful afternoon.

Here's my happiness and gratitude jar of the day, contains my current …

Teen busy din...

I have been so busy, like crazy busy this weekend. Friday, Saturday and today just whizzed by and I just could not manage to write anything. So I thought that I will do one big post regarding the three days to thank God for so many tiny blessings he sprinkled on me. It's not even 10pm and I know I will drop dead any second now and I really need to sleep because last three days collectively I have slept only for six hours. 

I got to just be with my Mother, attend a fabulous party, walk around, shop, have a great time with both my families, watch two nice movies and now I am finally done. I am finally free to just be, have time for myself, create art which I seriously need to and appreciate a much needed isolation for a few days. 

Here are some pictures of my wonderful weekend...

Have you guys ever eaten sandwiches by Sandwizza? They are awesome. This is the Cheese activity masala toast sandwich!
Something my cute cook makes for me, every time I visit the Karnik household.
Hogging away t…

Maayka tales......

Hello from the Maayka!

It's happy day 16 and I have a lot to be grateful for today. 

I was in Santacruz today to buy a blouse for an upcoming wedding. The salesman said that, today his tailor is not around so any alteration required will take some time, so I had to probably come again in a few days for collection. We requested him that since we are coming from far, please see if he can do it right now anyhow, to save me a long trip. The salesman was so kind and sweet, he took me outside and tried to convince three to four tailors to quickly do the alteration for me. All refused since no one had time for last minute alterations. I told him it's okay and that I would come again. But he didn't stop trying. Finally the fifth tailor he requested agreed to give it to me in ten minutes. The reason I am mentioning this is because he showed me kindness and effort today. Who the hell actually cares about anyone else these days. Which shopkeeper, maid, person, driver, etc take extra ef…

Coconuts and his memories...



Leg ache. 

What am I happy for today? 

I walked for one and a half hour, burnt 300 calories and then enjoyed two cheese dosas. So it is worth the leg ache. 

I had really nice long conversations with people I love. 

I ate something I truly love but I avoid eating it often, fearing weight gain. Fresh grated coconut with sugar. I love it! Like I am mad about it. I am mad about everything coconut. Once I nearly drank from the bottle of Parachute coconut oil. "Nearly" did that but then sanity struck, so I obviously didn't. 

Bounty is my favourite chocolate. Coconut smoothie is my favorite drink. I love Modaks with it's coconut filling, I love plain coconut with jaggery or sugar. And I think in the future when I am blessed with kids, pets and other species, I will address them as "coconuts"! Ok, so now I am talking like a mad woman. 

Also happy that K made me a wonderful poster for my upcoming doodle workshop which I will share later on. I am crazil…

Crabby day 14....


So I follow a lot of bloggers like me who love to ramble about their lives. Some of them are doing the 100 Happy days challenge too. And while today I was low on energy, not in a mood to work, feeling crabby, feeling tired, feeling bitchy and what not, I really did not have much to be happy about today. And even though happy stuff must have happened around, I failed to notice. 

But then you know what happened?

Three of the bloggers I follow wrote today that they had a difficult day today and are not able to find or pinpoint any happy/grateful aspects of the day. This just shows us how real life is. Some days are just difficult and life gets to you. 

Anyway finally sometime back I did manage to be happy and grateful for a few things. I was slumping and acting stupid, so to jolt me out of my state I needed some "tough love" I guess. K and R managed to do that. Both managed to get me out of my "mountains out of molehill" problems. I am glad I have strong support syst…

Some twilight and some Biryani....

Happy day 13.

There are a lot of things I am happy and grateful for today. Though I have been a little low (happens every time I return from a trip and then I end up planning more trips), I still managed to see the bright things today.

1- Even with the maid gone, I wrapped up all house chores as fast as I could and even managed to go for an one hour walk.

2 - I met Skipper the Pup, downstairs. Instantly felt happy because the cure for my heart are dogs.

3 - I tried a new recipe and made very good Biryani today.

4- I hate clearing out my bags after a trip and even though I was lazy, I pushed myself and cleaned up my suitcases.

5- I will start my commissions tonight and can't wait to create.

6- Tonight we are making Kolhapuri rolls and I can't wait to eat them!

7- After wrapping up all my work I will surely catch up on an episode of This is us.

8- Watching the sky from my window. I love the twilight shades! Pink and purple.

So there you go, that's all the happy stuff from my end. Ups …

Maid of honour.....

Happy day 12. 

3:08 pm - Hello from the airport.
Not feeling too grateful. I think my gratitude scale depends on the maids of the house. When they are sorted and working properly, my happiness and gratitude level is extremely high. And when they leave for whatever reasons like hospital visits, sickness, issues in their "gaon", marriages of some chacha's sister's son's daughter or something, then my levels are absolutely low. 

And right now my level of happiness/gratitude is extremely low. So u can assume what must have happened. 


So I am trying hard to look for things that I feel are making this day happy. Well I am happy that I am at the airport waiting to board a flight that takes me to Mumbai. Though Delhi was pretty, I am glad to leave this "smoging hot" city and go back to "Mumbai Meri Jaan".

How much ever I curse my city, I love it. It's an organised mess and it has it's own charm. It's safe, lively and you can never feel lon…