A game called life....


So last night there was something sticky on the backside of my beautiful silver Macbook. I shouted at the Father because he had dirtied the table and I, unwittingly kept my laptop on a messy table. After cleaning the sticky mess of God knows what, I slid it back into the laptop cover and came back home from the resort.

Right now when I opened my most precious possession to blog, there was this sticky brown mess (not poop) right next to the apple logo. Scandalised I cleaned it up with some tissues, water, perfume and cloth. And here I am now, blogging away on my laptop which is shining more than usual after the excessive cleaning. Turns out that there was this sticky tamarind candy inside the laptop sleeve. How it got there I have no idea. That sleeve belonged to the Father so I feel maybe had snuck a candy inside the sleeve for reasons best known to him. He forgot about it, gave me that sleeve and I don't know what to say now. All I know is that I threw away that molten tamarind…

Enjoying a half full cup at the resort...

Two commissions for Ink Tales. Both to be given day after tomorrow. 
It gives me a rush and immense happiness to create artworks with a deadline. It's like this whole pressure and last minute tension actually works for me. Like how before an exam, that one hour of revision before is the magical hour where you cram up every ounce of information possible into your tiny head and somehow you completely remember what you read in that one hour when related questions are asked!

Anyway, I shall wrap both artworks tomorrow and then enjoy the perks! Perks are that I am going home for a few days! Yay! My home is like this resort that I go to, where I am given like the best service ever! Not that my parents are staff members or waiters, they will kill me if I call them that but it's nice to see the crazy Mother and Father all shining with happiness, feeding me whatever I want and just snuggling up in bed when I come home. Even though they have a horrid viral just like me, I know it's al…

Such is life.....

A long long break.
A horrid cough and cold.
Solid weakness.
Upset tummy.
Blah mood.
House crap.
A lot of house crap.

So all in all, not a very good time for me, which is odd because few days back I was having an absolute ball in Udaipur. I will be writing a whole post about the Art Getaway that we hosted in Rajasthan and I shall do it when my spirits are hopefully a little better.

But today's post is meant for the three C's. Cribbing, crying and complaining.

My God, I am coughing as if my lungs are going to fall right out into my hands.
These construction noises are annoying every nerve cell in my brain. Actually every cell in my body.
I have not written anything on my "gratitude challenge" front because right now, at this very minute, I have zero gratitude. And that is okay. I feel it's okay to have crappy days and feel crappy about it. It's okay sometimes to cut this "be positive" shit and accept that your day sucks! My days are truly sucking since the last …

Murakami on my tummy whilst the Sibling plays in snow.....

Long absence. 

Honestly I have been all over the place mentally. What's new right? The most turbulent thing about me I guess is my mind. 

I have not created or blogged much last 15 days because I was blah. Blah because The Sibling has left me and gone off to study in Canada. He has sailed away to a new life, a new chapter, in an awesome cool ship (metaphorical) and unfortunately I cannot sneak into the ship with him and go away. So here I am, sitting at the Mehta house, trying to drown out the construction sounds with my loud and mad thoughts. Whist The Sibling plays around in the snow. Blah

Well, that's okay though. I was so used to having him around, so used to partying with him every weekend, so used to his calls that came everyday post lunch when he was in office and now suddenly he is miles away from me. My baby bro, not so much of a baby now. 

Good part is that it's a better life for him, better opportunity and new challenges. And another good part is that now I will hav…

Recap, rewind, live and hope....Happy New Year!

My God. 2017 is over and what a year it has been! It feels like just sometime back I was penning down moments from 2016. So here I am now, all set to write about 2017 and I honestly don't know where to start. So much has happened, it's been one of the most eventful years of my life. 

I am wondering if I should go as per the compartments of my life, or go by each month.

After about one minute of thinking process, I have come to the conclusion that going month wise will be tedious for me and for my readers, so will rather go by compartments. 

My life is very neatly segregated into parts. I have made six proper sections of my life which are as follows...
My complete life only revolves around these six sections!

ArtTravelLoveFamilyWritingTB (My "twisted brain", not Tuberculosis)
So let's start with Art. My art, my passion, my job, my life. I am very lucky that I get to live the dream and do what I love everyday. The year 2017 showed massive change, transformation, challeng…

When Mother ends up being a funnybone and makes my life twinkle....


Why not squeeze in more posts before this year ends. So here I am writing today too.
Happy 59th day!

I have eaten like a freaking monster today. I went on a nice long walk and then hogged on chocolates, chips, tea, khari and cake. And now my tummy hurts, obviously. This is what happens to me on days I decide to relax and not move. I just eat, chill, watch shows, eat, think, eat and think some more.
But now I will have green tea and do some art. 

What am I grateful for today?

Long walk
Online shopping
Some reading time
Back to back BBT episodes
Twinkle Khanna

I am actually super bored. I want today to end soon. I am very excited for tomorrow and then my 31st! It's going to be a good three days! And then it's January! Lot's in store.

In other news, Happy Birthday to my idol! Twinkle Khanna!! I actually did not know today is her birthday. Coincidentally I was discussing her with the Mother. So here was how the conversation unfolded...

Mother was rambling some sad stuff and was i…

Nearing the end...

56, 57, 58.

Just few days for 2017 to end! 

I had a wonderful Christmas and now I am super excited for New Years. My December goals are nearly done, I threw a tiny Christmas party, I decorated the tree, we followed our first ever Christmas tradition successfully, I did a lot of art, I learnt some stuff from Dad, I planned my travels for the coming year, I am exercising and I can go on. 

I have worked very hard to make this December worth remembering. And now I cannot wait to face 2018. It's going to be a big change right from January. I will share about that soon. 

Till then here are some Christmas and post Christmas happy times!

Set up for my Christmas special workshop.

The special ornament that K made. He created an origami Santa with a message. I think his is better than mine. Let's see what we can churn out next year.
Spot our ornaments on the tree. 
Happy student 1.
Happy student 2
Was very happy with the doodles they both created. 
One of my friend created an ornament for the tree …